Free software, sustainability and social movements

Free software, sustainability and social movements full PDF Interview with Silvio Rhatto Translation: Gavin Introduction Silvio Rhatto has been a free software and open-source programmer for over two decades. Without specific formal training in the area, his trajectory started off as a self-taught learner. At the beginning of the years 2000, he began to participate […]

Technology, communication and power

Technology, communication and power full PDF Bruno Rigonato Mundim Translation: Gavin Technology, commu-nication and power We are going to investigate three digital open/free source infrastructures that compose part of the case studies analyzed in this research: SMART, HERMES and Alertas+. The first is a tool for mapping and monitoring environmental preservation areas; the second consists […]


Introduction full PDF Tech for Forests Research Group Details of the Project In the period between the beginning of 2021 and the middle of 2022, we investigated open-source digital infrastructures used by communities that are under the constant threat of violation of civil and environmental rights. Such infrastructure is composed mostly by applications used as […]