Open Source

We are mapping free and open source softwares (FOSS) created to protect forests and land defenders.


We interview developers, so that we can understand their needs and challenges in creating and maintaining their projects.


We want to understand how FOSS projects can be better maintained or funded.


We are researching community engagement on FOSS projects, as well their user understanding of their products.

Our mission

We want to support land and forest defenders by recommending them FOSS projects that are designed to help their daily lives against climate change. We want to support FOSS projects by making recommendations for new grants.


Narrira Lemos

Sociologist working in the intersection of technology and society. Product researcher, security and privacy enthusiast.

Luciana Ferreira

Popular educator and doctoral candidate in Education. Researcher of autonomist movements and other ways of life on the borders between nature and technologies.

Márcia Nóbrega

Anthropologist and ethnologist. PhD in Cultural Anthropology. Attentive to the ways in which traditional peoples transform their world from the impacts of large enterprises to the land where they live.

Bruno Rigonato

Philosopher. His doctoral research covered topics related to logic and computer science. He is currently researching how network communication technologies and data science affect power relations. He occasionally works as a web developer.

Get in touch

techforforests @ (remove spaces)

This project is part of the 2021 Digital Infrastructure RFP supported by The Ford Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, in collaboration with the Open Collective Foundation.