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Tech for Forests Research Group

In the period between the beginning of 2021 and the middle of 2022, we investigated open-source digital infrastructures used by communities that are under the constant threat of violation of civil and environmental rights…

Free software, sustantability and social movements

Interview with a FOSS developer

Silvio Rhatto has been a free software and open-source programmer for over two decades. Without specific formal training in the area, his trajectory started off as a self-taught learner. At the beginning of the years 2000, he began to participate in affinity groups and collectives that fomented the use of free software…

From anthropophagization of code to narrative hacking: how to weave incommunities?

Luciana Ferreira
Marcia Nóbrega

There was a map. A map that covered the whole of the fourth wall of the Indigenous  Organization’s office. A local community leader, based on this picture, described to us his peoples’ form of territorial domain. The scale vectorized distinct fluxes of rivers, affluents; it indicated communities with recent satellite internet signal capture towers that, during the COVID-19 pandemics, had arrived in the territory. We dived into it…

Technology, communication and power

Bruno Rigonato Mundim

We are going to investigate three digital open/free source infrastructures that compose part of the case studies analyzed in this research: SMART, HERMES and Alertas+. The first is a tool for mapping and monitoring environmental preservation areas; the second consists in a digital data transmission system by means of short waves, convenient for isolated areas…

Building communities, fighting against predatory infrastructures and developing open source softwares

Narrira Lemos de Souza

On the 9th of September 2022, the people of the city of São Paulo, in Brazil’s southeast, looked up to find the sky over their heads covered with a gray layer different from the usual pollution, as a burning smell seeped into their homes. Approximately two years ago a similar event turned day into night in the same capital city: forest fires were burning in the Pantanal, in 2020, and the smoke and soot took over the skies…